Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Of My Work!

My first design was for Frank Ramz. You can take a wild guess as to who he is, Ha! If you haven't guessed, he's my Man. He is a very talented and true lyricist. He completely put the design of this project into my hands and allowed me to be as creative as possible.This project was called "No Effort Involved".

"No Effort Involved"
Here is the track listing for this project. It is also available for FREE download. Yes it's Free, I said it's Free. I'll tell you how to get it at the end of this entry so relax. And Oh Yea, It's Good, so I suggest you download

1. In Music iTrust

2. For You

3. Why You Mad?

4. Falling Up

5. I Ain't Lying

6. Truth Serum

7. You Name It

8. AllTheParties.Com

9. DON

10. iDon't Like Ya'll

11. Disturbia (Me-Mix)

12. Believe In Yourself (Live Rip From Youtube)


13. The Sound Of Pain Is...

14. Rainy Days

"Falling Up" was my second design which Mr. Ramz also gave me complete control of. I actually came up with a few ideas for this cover and he liked this one the most and decided to run with it.

"Falling Up" Also available for FREE download.

1. iGot To Get It [Prod. By B. Logik]

2. Holy Ghost [Prod. By B. Logik]

3. Out The Blue [Prod. By Niki]

4. The Winner Of Losers [Prod. By Black The Beast]

5. Kick Rocks [Prod. By B. Logik]

6. Dr. Scholl's Soul [Prod. By brandUn DeShay]

7. Hear Her Cries [Prod. By B. Logik]

8. Unmeasurable [Prod. By B. Logik]

9. Instant Gratification [Prod. By Charlie Hilton]

10. Unpredictable [Prod. By Malachi]

Last but not Least "Make the Road by Walking". This one wasn't too hard, he simply wanted me to take the original album art from The Menahan Street Band & add his name and Medusa logo to it. This one isn't out yet but I'll definently let you know when this comes out so you can download, for FREE of course! Enough about him (J/k). But Yes, I am a talented Woman with a Talented Man. If you like my work feel free to contact me thru this blog or via email and we can definately do business.
Oh Yea and to download his Dope Music (sorry Babe, I had to say it) go to his blog